Bike to Work Day with my bro

My brother Jeff came to Boulder to visit me last week.  I have two brothers, Jeff and Jay, and Jeff is the older of the two, though they are both younger than I.  Jeff is currently in his dental school at UCLA.  He’s visited many times and even lived here in Boulder/Denver for almost a year between undergrad and UCLA.  We always have a good time together, being like-minded in many ways and sharing a sometimes strange and silly sense of humor.

Jay, Whit, Jeff



Jeff and Whit, so silly

Unfortunately his summer break week was during a time I was extremely busy with work, training, catching up after the Kansas race, and preparing for the Buffalo Springs Lake race.  But we worked in some good times together, one of which was enjoying the benefits of Bike To Work Day, which was June 22nd.  This is a national day, but being the bike-celebrated community that it is, Boulder really does it up.  There are about 30 locations around Boulder which serve breakfast of some kind for bike commuters, and who support and encourage bike commuting in various ways and with other events throughout the year.  Jeff and I hopped on my bikes and rode to a couple stations before I had to go to work.

Boulder Cycle Sport pancake station


Jeff and Whit

We hit up two of the best ones, Boulder Cycle Sport (north) which had a tent out in front of their store and were making homemade pancakes with all the fixin’s.  Then we rode down to Ideal Market who has a veritable breakfast buffet.  Free.  I mean, you leave there FULL.  They also had some booths with various bike-promoting companies, a bike-wash station, and the Boulder Police Dept had a tent where you could register your bike.  I like to point this out as being a very good idea… I’ve registered all my bikes – 4 – after my racing bike was stolen from it’s locked up position in front of a Boulder gym several years ago, and was actually recovered and returned to me.  Registering your bikes with the BPD is a good idea ( –>Police–> Bicycle Registration).




2 Responses to “Bike to Work Day with my bro”

  1. Nancie Garcia says:

    What good looking kids ( uh, young adults)! They must have awfully good looking parents! haha!
    From The Mother (with a lot of love and pride)

  2. Vanessa Downs says:

    Oh your mama is so funny! You do have good looking parents! What a handsome family! Now you need some photos of you with your mom and dad too! Maybe a good classic one of you on your first bike or something! Can’t wait for Nashville!!!! Love, Nester Lou