Total Newbie

Well here I am, embarking on my very first blog post.  WooHoo!  In setting up this site, I realize, uhhh, re-realize, how non-technical I am.  I’m a lot more

comfortable cutting out letters and shapes from construction paper and gluing them on a poster, or cutting out little faces from photos and making a montage…who’dathunk that I was an aspiring Graphic Design major in my early college years…that actually makes me laugh out loud, especially after

trying to set up a website of my own.  Thankfully I had some good help on many different fronts.
So, thanks for coming, I hope you enjoy yourself as you read about me and what I’m doing, check out the photos, video, and perhaps follow me this year as I race my first year as a professional triathlete.  I am so excited!  The last few years I have had some great experiences, races, coaching, and support from family, friends, workplace, and more.

Triathlon is inherently such a self-centered sport.  Because it’s actually three sports in one, it takes a ton of time in training.  Being very organized is a must if you’re going to balance practicing each sport as well as get the rest your body needs, eat well (and a lot!), and then in my case, work full-time too.  Try to factor in having some social life (friends are nice, right?), keeping in touch with family and other friends who live far away, and also making some time for things that make myself a little more of a well-rounded person (thinking, dreaming, and talking incessantly about Heart Rate zones, training sessions, race schedules, and sponsorship proposals gets really old….), and I have a crazy-packed life!  But…for now I absolutely love it.  I am pursing the goal of real-izing athletic potential and it’s such a bonus that I enjoy every moment of it. …Okay, not every moment.  But enough that it makes the sacrifices worthwhile.
One thing I am quite excited about having this site is getting the opportunity to write.  I’ve always liked writing and am not usually at a loss for words; my friends will attest to receiving ridiculously lengthy texts and emails from me.  So now I can get it all out here and you, my visitor, can read at your leisure.  I hope you find some interesting info in there, and also some stuff that makes you laugh or at least brings a smile to your face.  I find it incredibly important to be able to laugh at oneself and let me tell you, I provide a lot of material for myself.  And hopefully for you, too.  I hope things you read and view here might inspire you, but if nothing else, make you smile.


5 Responses to “Total Newbie”

  1. Heidi Walter says:

    Smiling! Big smiles!

  2. Meghan Hildebrand says:

    Yay Whit! You have always been such a great writer so this sounds like a such a great thing for you. Can’t wait to follow you along all your adventures! xoxo

  3. Kristina Thompson says:

    Hey Whit!!!! Long time…..I’m extremely proud of you and all you are accomplishments. Wow….you are sooooo buff, your arm mucsles are crazy. You look amazing :) Are you still married? Your website is very cool and I will be following you on all your adventures. We are moving to Oregon on June 5….finally :) I do think of you quite a bit, always wondering what you’re up to, now I know. Love you lots…….Kristina

  4. aunt Lynnie says:

    You always make me smile!!

  5. Ebook says:

    Your article Total Newbie – Whitney Garcia was in my Bing news feed. Great job on the article.