Fall …into Fun Times

Well, it’s been way too long since I posted something on here.  Sorry to all my millions of adoring fans who wait with bated breath (what does that even mean?) for me to write something fabulous.

After Ironman Wisconsin I felt like taking a deep breath and doing something not-so-Ironman focused.  I knew I wanted to keep training and possibly race again before the year is over, but I had been doing such rigorous training for the better part of this year that I was ready for a little un-focus.  Now, you may laugh because un-focus for a triathlete is like this:  Today I will just swim and do yoga instead of running and riding.  And tomorrow I will sleep in till 7 instead of 5:30am, thereby missing early morning swim practice but will swim at noon instead.  I will hike instead of run, ride my mountain bike instead of my tri bike, and eat dessert without feeling guilty.  Oh wait, I never feel guilty about that.

So, needless to say, I have not been a couch potato.  But I have made some time for some other things, and my fabulous bf Lucas and I have had a lot of fun doing…random stuff.  For instance, we did do a big hike starting at Moffat Tunnel which is up above Nederland, just past a little ol’ mining town called Tolland.  We had an all-around great day, with a beautiful drive, joking and music on the way up, a moderately-challenging trail with gorgeous views up at the Crater Lakes (our destination), where we found a lovely and quiet spot to spend some time reflecting on the past months and looking towards the coming ones together.  On the way back to Boulder, we stopped in Nederland for coffee, to look around, and for a late lunch at a great BBQ joint.  It was so fun, and needed, to get out of Boulder and up and into the mountains, on a beautiful early fall day and just…walk around.

Jess and Susan, Cyclocross chicks

Other stuff we’ve done:  short mountain bike ride after work as dusk was settling in, walking down and around Pearl St for dinner and running into the CU marching band (I LOVE marching bands, fyi!) in a parade, watching some friends race cyclocross (a very popular type of bike racing in the fall–sort of a combo of mountain and road biking, with a lot of variety in the courses including having to get off your bike and jump or run over obstacles or sand pits…), and shopping for Halloween decorations.

Besides these things, we both had birthdays which we celebrated wholeheartedly…dinners out, comedy show, relaxing trip to the mountains, fun and silly presents…

Whit's birthday!

Additionally, Lucas has been in full-force training for his up-coming Iron-distance race (Beach to Battleship) on October 29th.  So, as I was trying to be a little less Iron-focused (for myself), I was able to support him a bit more.  We’ve had some really great looonng training rides together, and I’ve been able to accompany him on my bike during some of his brick runs or longer runs.  I carry his water, yap incessantly and try to entertain him as he grits his teeth and does his workout, probably wishing he did not have my “support” at that moment.  Just kidding.  I try my best not to be annoying.  It’s interesting what different people need while they are pushing themselves/their bodies.  I need cheering.  I need enthusiasm, talking, laughing, homemade signs, pom-poms, costumes, cow-bells, you name it I like it.  When people share their enthusiasm and cheer for me, it spurs me on and gives me energy.  Lucas needs much more solitude.  He need quiet support; someone to be there, someone he can count on, but not a lot of bells and whistles.  In fact, none.  If I made a sign I think it might embarrass him.  I try not to talk too much when I am riding next to him while he runs.  I actually like this – our differences.  But at his upcoming race, I just might have to wear a Halloween costume.  Or jingle one cowbell.  hehehe..

We go to Wilmington, North Carolina next week for his race.  I’ve never been to that part of the country so I’m looking forward to it, as well as to being a spectator and support.  His dad, Rusty, is also racing this Iron-distance race.  It’s so impressive and special that they’ll both be racing.

As I mentioned earlier, I have hopes of doing one more Ironman before the year is over; in November.  I’ve been recovering from some bursitis in my hip, so my running has been limited.  At times it’s a big bummer, but I am so grateful to have had a really awesome first pro season.  If IM Wisconsin was my last race of 2011, it was a good bookend to the year.  We shall see….so stay tuned.  Oh, and thanks for reading.  Careful with that bated (baited?) breath.

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