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Hello loyal fans that most likely have given up on me posting new blog entries.  Sorry.  I took some much-needed time off over the holidays and into January, and have spent some good time on things outside of triathlon.  I needed a break and some perspective, and also I have been excited about other aspects of my life – such as the upcoming wedding (July), my great job that continues to evolve into a great career, my wonderful fiance who recently began a new job, and moving with Lucas to a cute little condo in North Boulder, right on the edge of the foothills.  Wonderful!

As for triathlon, this is my third year racing professionally and I feel grateful to be healthy and able to continue doing this sport at an elite level.  I am still coached by local legend Curt Chesney, who coaches a growing group of very talented athletes in the area.  Lucas and I feel very fortunate to be a part of a regular Saturday morning ride that is made up of many of Curt’s athletes.  Well, sometimes we hate it, to be honest.  Can’t we just “ride easy” sometimes??  But besides the talent, it’s a great group of people and we’ve all become pretty good friends.  So even if we’re competitors out on the course, we got each others’ backs when it comes down to it.

Mandy, Coach Curt, Christine, Whitney - just a few of the local athletes

Here is my race schedule for this year:

May 4 – St. George 70.3 (half Ironman distance) in St George, Utah

June 9 – Kansas 70.3 in Lawrence, Kansas

JULY 13 wedding in Breckenridge (no races this month, except to the alter!)

August 4 – Boulder 70.3 in our backyard

September – TBA

November  2 – Ironman Florida in Panama City Beach, FL

Excited about each one for different reasons.  My parents, the awesome Nancie and Jerry, will be coming out to see us perform in St George, and it’s a cool beautiful area in which I am looking forward to racing.  Heard the course is hilly and challenging.  Bring it!

Nancie and Jerry Garcia, supportive and FUN!

I have done the Kansas race twice before, and loved the venue.  It takes place at a lake with a big campground around it – the bike course is beautiful rolling hills and the run course weaves in and out of the campground where the spectators are plentiful!  Lucas’ father, Rusty, will also be racing this race with us!

The Yellow Brick Road Finishline, 2011

The Boulder course could be somewhat boring since I ride and run around on it all the time, but there is also something nice about the familiarity and the home-town “advantage”.  Last year a group of residents in the retirement community, Frasier Meadows, for which I work came to cheer me on; it was incredibly special and we hope to make the “Whitney’s race field trip” possible again this year!

Frasier Meadows Fan Club!


IM Florida is the only Ironman-distance on my calendar so far.  Lucas and I will race, as will Rusty (his athletic dad, who is also – along with his wife Mary Ann- super-supportive of Lucas and my triathlon endeavors).  This will be a special trip and race no matter what, as THREE MCCAINS will race!  (I’m not going to promise that we’ll be racing TOGETHER.  In fact, I hope to beat both those boys ;)  …I would also like to say that though she’s not a triathlete, Lucas’ mom Teresa is also very supportive of our tri training and racing, and any race she’s not able to attend, she is a diligent spectator/cheerer from the internet!

Teresa, Lucas' mom, makes everything fun!


Life continues to bring me ups, downs, challenges of all sorts, successes, times of angst and times of peace.  I thank God first and foremost for giving me this life – all inclusive – and for giving me the guidance I so need and desire to walk it out as best I can every day.  I thank my parents for all the love and support they’ve given me since I came into their lives – one big bouncing ball of energy (I can’t say they thank me for every moment!).  I thank Lucas for being a wonderful man to me.  His love and dedication to me is amazing, and I am so looking forward to becoming his wife up in the mountains this summer.  I thank his parents and his family for accepting me and loving me like I was truly their own daughter.


Rusty and Mary Ann McCain, athletes, sponsors, and fans!


And then I thank Curt for kicking my ass and making me a better athlete every year, every race.  I thank my sponsors:  TYR, GU Energy, Retul (bike fitting), Zeal Optics, Rolf Prima Wheels, Swiftwick socks, and Frasier Meadows Retirement Community (my workplace, and sponsor as well).  I also thank Robin Sharp, a past client of mine who every year supplies me with new pairs of running shoes – “My Sneaker Lady”.  And I thank Rusty and Mary Ann McCain who are “sponsoring” Lucas and I both in getting new bikes…stay tuned!!

Thanks for reading!

Can't wait for JULY!

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